After we accomplished

our mission statement...

something that seemingly

never happened

in early 21st Century business,

things really have functioned perfectly

from that moment forward.


There was one teeny tiny push left

that needed to be

repurposed from the Heavens,

and that was the desire of

some team leaders

to see what having

a Big Red Button on their desk

would do.


“I have a big red button on my desk,”

one team leader said to another.


“Well, I have

a bigger red button on my desk...

and it works,”

the team leader

of the free world replied.


So naturally, one of Mama’s

sweetie sweet grandbabies asked

what happened

when one of those team leaders


their big red button.


Knowing she was in Paradise,

and knowing she was building

a bigger, better now and forever,

Mama decided right then and there

she would have her very own

Big Red Button too.


But Mama’s button...

would be so intriguing,

so Constructive,

and so Endearing,

all team leaders in the world

would want to push

Mama’s Big Red Button,

and use that place on their desk

formerly reserved for those

old obsolete big red buttons,

to put a picture of

sunshine and Paradise.


For years,

when people asked Mama

what she did,

she simply replied,


“It’s my job to make you look good.”


And you know what... every time,

with every client, she did.


And here’s the best part of all:


We’ll repurpose those

old obsolete big red buttons

and use them on the sets of

Wheel of Fortune,

The Price is Right,

or some new and exciting gameshow

Mama might just put together.


They could open doors for people,

ring doorbells...

they could even order

a Number One combo at Sonic...

yep... Mama can find

all sorts of good use

for those other big red buttons

in Paradise.



Thank you for your love and smiles.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy



© Flying Hippo Ranch. All rights reserved.